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#samplesunday - Keeping Katie

Our #samplesunday this week features racy MMF menage Keeping Katie by Angela Castle. 


Summer in London has never been this hot, and it’s getting hotter with Jack Cullen and Jordan Makensy taking their relationship to the next level. They’ve found their perfect home, or at least it will be when Jordan finishes the renovations, but there’s one more thing that would make their dreams come true: Jordan wants a family. It’s doable—they’re not strictly gay, adoring women as much as they do each other—but Jack worries they may not be able to find the right kind of woman to share their dreams.
Aussie girl Katie Weston has come to live in London with her only remaining relatives to make a new life for herself. Keen to earn her keep, Katie takes on two jobs. What she doesn’t count on, though, is meeting not one but two gorgeous and intriguing men. Jack and Jordan sweep her into a world of sensual pleasure that only two men can provide. Yet, despite how they make her feel, she resists their attempts to win her heart.

Please enjoy this sample chapter from the book . . . 


KATIE TUGGED AT the navy blue and white uniform. “Are you sure I have to wear this?” Katie glanced up at her Aunt Penny. The pencil skirt came to just above her knees; it had a small split, making her feel self-conscious that her legs were bare. Katie wore no stockings or tights. She was thankful she had remembered to shave her legs this morning.

“It’s the only one in your size, dear.” Katie was far from being skinny. She had the voluptuous curves of a size twelve and rather ample breasts. Her aunt’s uniform looked far more decent. Her skirt was longer and her top not as low cut. “Trust me, there is hardly anyone left in the offices at this hour. A few hard-nosed lawyers with nothing better to do. Remember though, always knock before entering an office.”

Katie tugged back her blonde hair, wrapping a band around the wayward curls. She followed her aunt down the long corridor of Henson and Henson Law.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Katie? I’m sure there are much better jobs you could find.”

“I need to earn my keep, and there’s not much I can do. I really appreciate you getting me this job.”

“You are no burden at all, my dear,” Penny said with genuine affection. It warmed Katie’s heart that she still had someone who cared about her. The smile on her aunt’s face softened the aged creases around her eyes. Penny’s dark hair was streaked with grey and neatly pinned up on top of her head. “I’m certainly not getting any younger, or faster. This will help cut the workload in half. The firm was happy to hire a second cleaner.”

“None the less, I am grateful,” Katie reaffirmed. Her Aunt Penny took a set of keys from her pocket. They stood in front of a door marked Cleaner. This was Katie’s first paid job. She figured she would be good at cleaning since she had done it for eight years looking after her grandfather and his house.
With the small cleaning cart loaded, Katie hitched the barrel vacuum cleaner onto her back. Katie frowned in annoyance as she noticed the straps pulled her already tight top tighter across her breasts. She sighed and followed her aunt into the service lift. The doors closed behind them, and the lift rose up to the fifth floor.

“If you want to start vacuuming here, I’ll head up to the sixth floor and clean the bathrooms. Most power points are behind the potted plants.”

Katie nodded, stepping off the lift. “Are you going to be okay?” her aunt asked, looking directly into her eyes. Katie raised her chin and smiled.

“Yes, thank you, Aunt Penny.” Penny returned her smile, before pressing the lift button; the doors slid shut with a soft whoosh. Katie turned to survey the long corridor. There was a small reception area, and farther down on either side of the corridor were several double doors. The carpet was deep blue with red fleur-de-lis patterns. Katie unwound the vacuum cord then found the nearest potted plant. Sure enough there was a power point behind it. She plugged it in, switched it on, and set to work.

JACK HEARD the whirr of a vacuum outside his office. His nose was stuck in a legal document that was giving him a headache. The workload had increased steadily with more and more businesses going bankrupt. The financial crisis had hit the globe, and London, hard. It seemed the only beneficiaries of this crisis were accountants and lawyers paid to sort out all the mess.

Jack needed a distraction to help clear his head before he could finish. He’d much rather be at home fucking Jordan. He knew Jordan would already be relaxing. He could see him, his feet up, watching TV. He’d have a beer in one hand and a microwave dinner on his lap. Jack hated those cardboard stuffed meals. He tolerated them because Jordan couldn’t cook to save his life. Jordan loved them as he had grown up surviving mainly on microwave meals. Jordan’s parents were friendly and loving even though his mother had never been able to do much more than boil water. So take-out and readymade meals were always on hand. Jack would cook every now and then, but even he was limited to pasta with jar sauces and packet salads. It was a wonder they both survived at all.

Jack leaned back in his leather chair, deciding if he would call Jordan. He could certainly think of a few pleasurable things he could make Jordan do before he got home. Jack reached into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone, and flipped it open. He had just brought up Jordan’s number when a small knock sounded at the door. Jack paused, his finger hovering over the send button. The door opened a crack and a young blonde woman’s head popped in. Jack flipped the phone shut. What did he have here?

“Come in, love,” he called. The young woman looked up. Her eyes widened with surprise. Even with the distance from his desk to the door, he could see her eyes were a lovely clear shade of blue. She had a straight little nose with a smattering of freckles, and her lips were lusciously red. Jack doubted she was wearing lipstick. Blood dropped straight down into his cock. Fuck, it had been a long time since he had reacted to a woman on sight. He needed a closer look at her.

“Oh, sorry, Mr. uh . . .” She glanced up at his nameplate on the door. “Mr. Cullen?”

Jack smiled, recognising her Australian accent.

“Please call me Jack. Mr. Cullen sounds so . . .” He shuddered mockingly, “overly formal.”

She stood for a moment regarding him, a hint of shy amusement in her blue eyes.

“Your office is the last on the floor I need to vacuum.” She came farther into the room. More blood went pooling into Jack’s hard cock when he saw her cleaner’s uniform. Her top was pulled tightly across her chest, displaying her ample breasts in a most provocative way. Jack forced himself not to lick his lips when he saw the deep valley of cleavage that tempted and teased his eyes. His gaze swept down over shapely hips. Her skirt just reached her knees, revealing lovely curved calves. This was not the usual elderly woman who cleaned this office floor.

“You’re new.” Jack could have hit himself over the head at the stupid line tumbling out of his mouth. It was hard to think when nearly all his blood supply had headed in a different direction.

“Um, yes. Just started this evening, sir.” Jack’s dominant side stirred when she called him sir. Jack had a sudden vision of the woman calling him sir while she was on her knees begging to suck his cock, begging him to fuck her. Jack tried to shake the images from his head and failed.

He watched her move to the corner of his office, to the potted palm tree, and watched her unwrap the vacuum cord. When she bent over to plug in the machine, Jack shifted his cock, which was straining against his trousers in protest.

“Are you here on a working holiday?” It was a sensible question considering London was flooded with young Australians usually doing working tours of the UK and Europe.

“Ah no, I’ve just moved here to live with my aunt. She got me this job.”

Jack liked her answer more than he should; it meant that she wouldn’t be running off to her distant homeland anytime soon.

“Your aunt is Penny Myers?” She nodded; some of her blonde curls escaping from the band at the nape of her neck. God, he wanted to see that golden hair free. More than that he wanted to touch it; wrap his fingers in it as he pulled her head to his for a kiss. Jack stood up. Then regretted the action as his cock tented in his pants.

Jack was on friendly terms with the elderly cleaner. It seemed the old lady had been holding out on him, hiding her gorgeous, blonde Australian niece. She straightened, turning back to look at him again.

“Your aunt is a lovely lady, but formal introductions I think are in order.” He quickly adjusted his trousers before he moved around his desk.

“Jack Cullen, at your service.” He used a husky tone he knew women liked to hear then smiled one of his best charming smiles.

He was rewarded with a wide-eyed shudder. This girl had an air of pure innocence and mystery about her. Closing the distance between them in a few strides, she looked up at him as he held out his hand. Jack inhaled a lovely faint vanilla scent, making him hungry for a taste of her scented skin. He needed to see if she was as sweet as she looked.

“I, uh, Katie, Katie Weston.” She slipped her hand into his. Jack immediately covered it with his other hand.

KATIE’S BREATH quickened. He held her hand in both of his. Jack Cullen wasn’t classically beautiful, but he had sharp defined features and a strong jaw line that no doubt had many women’s hearts and libidos in a flutter, as well as her own. He was tall, more than six feet. He had soft, wavy dark-brown hair with matching dark coloured eyes that were looking at her like she was something tasty he’d like to eat.

“Welcome to Henson and Henson, Katie Weston.”

Her snort was far from ladylike. “I’m a cleaner. I hardly qualify for being a part of the firm.”

“If you work for Henson and Henson, no matter what position you hold, you’re a part of the team—kind of like family if you will.”

“Oh, well in that case, thank you.” She was having a hard time concentrating with him touching her. The wetness that had flooded down between her legs wasn’t helping. Her whole body, along with her nipples, felt tight. She felt rather hot all of a sudden, fighting against the sudden impulse to reach out and touch him.

She suppressed a moan when he raised her hand, brushing his lips over her knuckles. Jack looked like someone who commanded respect and attention. He did not look like a man who would take no for an answer. It was probably why he was a lawyer.

Giving her another pulse-racing, sexy smile, Katie realised he was flirting with her. She had always thought herself shy and unattractive; that men like Jack would never pay her any mind. She jerked back her hand. Taking a step back and a deep breath, she tried to regain her senses and make a diplomatic retreat.

“I should really finish. My aunt is on the upper floor and will need my help.” Her words tumbled out faster than she had meant them to.

He nodded and backed off.

She breathed a silent sigh of relief before flicking on the machine and dragging the hose over the carpet. Even though Jack had gone back to sit behind his desk, seemingly to look at some paperwork, she was acutely aware of him watching her. It sent chills of awareness down her spine, centring right between her thighs.

THERE WAS no way Jack was going to get any work done in his current state. Watching Katie jerking the vacuum hose back and forth over his office carpet distracted him to no end.

He cursed himself for acting like a callow youth. He would have been blind not to notice her physical responses to him. It was a positive sign for him, but those responses had obviously startled her. She wasn’t like any of the women he usually went for: sophisticated, skinny, and brash. No, Katie was sweet, shy, and had the most perfect, traffic-stopping, lush curves. She was somewhat of an enigma. Jack always had a knack for knowing when something felt right, knowing what he wanted. When Jack wanted something, he went after it until he got it. What he wanted right now was Katie Weston.
How was he going to play this? He thought for a moment. He didn’t want to scare her away. He knew she was attracted to him—a very good starting point, which also meant she would be open to further advances on his part. But he would also have to play it carefully. There was something more to this woman. Jack was certain of it. Jack loved a mystery as much as he loved a challenge. He smiled to himself thinking of Jordan; she was the kind of sweet thing he would be attracted to also. The vacuuming stopped. Jack glanced up to watch her wind up the cord, then she turned to leave.

“Katie.” He kept his voice firm and even. She paused to glance at him. Jack sent her a knowing smile. “I will look forward to seeing you again.” His words held a promise that she wouldn’t miss—he watched as she struggled to suppress a small shudder.

“Goodnight, Jack. Nice to meet you.” He loved that sexy Australian accent; it made her all the more 
attractive. She was a potential sex kitten in the making. Jack wanted to help by dangling a piece of string in front of his new little kitten. A look of uncertainty crossed her face before turning and opening the office door. It closed softly behind her.

Before looking down at the bulge in his trousers, Jack leaned back and groaned.

“Soon enough, little matey, we’ll have her soon enough.”

Christ, when had he started talking to his penis? Let alone given it a name. Jack was in worse shape than he thought.

Flinging the file into his leather briefcase, he switched off his computer and the lights through his office. He needed to fuck someone, and Jordan was waiting for him to come home.


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Keeping Katie

Angela is a full-time single mother and part-time writer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has been writing ever since she learned to read, almost endlessly drifting off into the fantasy world of her imagination.

She is a best-selling and award-winning author, becoming Whiskey Creek Press Author of the year in 2012, followed by success on the NYT best-seller list, with many other awards to be proud of.

She has a great group of supporting friends and three children who help keep her grounded and very busy.

Angela welcomes feedback from her readers, so please feel free to drop her a line at:

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