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2016 RONE Awards - VALAMINE

Jane Stoker's medieval fantasy Valamine has been nominated for a 2016 RONE Award at InD'tale Magazine. If you loved Valamine like we did, make sure to vote and get this book moved on to the next round in the Fantasy/SciFi category.

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“Valamine” begins with extraordinary action that leaps right off of the page! The opening battle sequence is the stuff of nightmares and draws the reader into a frightening world of beasts and blood. —InD'tale Magazine

Remember this beautiful cover . . .

And here's an excerpt to remind everyone what all the fuss is about . . .

VALAMINE STRETCHED. The ache between her legs was a sweet kind of pain. She curled up next to Nyle and watched rays of early morning light filter through the drapes and cast shapes on the floor. So many things were racing through her mind that sleep had become impossible. Nyle had no such qualms, and after their third, rather more gentle bout of lovemaking, he’d drifted off. He was currently uttering small grunting snores, much to Valamine’s amusement.

In the soft light, he looked like a different man to the fierce warrior she’d grown to know. The lines and angles of his face were less pronounced, the furrows in his brow, an almost constant feature, relaxed. He looked younger than she’d ever seen him, kind of like she expected he’d looked as a boy. If he had a son, would he look like this? She brought herself up sharply at the notion and reminded herself that there were some herbal preparations she would need to take in the next few hours to prevent a pregnancy. Valamine thought back to their energetic antics of the past few hours. She should probably double the dose, just to be sure.

She watched the warrior sleep. He was handsome and stoic, and she respected him. He made her laugh, when he wasn’t making her crazy, and he was the most honourable man she had ever met. But she couldn’t allow herself to look deeper into her feelings. She couldn’t allow herself to start imagining a future life, or a family. Even if they were able to convince the Glamorians of the need to help and save the Shaman lands, they were from different cultures, different castes. She would not fit in his world the same as he wouldn’t fit into hers. She would see how far this could go, take her pleasure while she could—she owed herself that much. But she must prepare herself for the inevitable. That they would, one day soon, walk their paths separately.

Valamine shuddered at the idea and snuggled closer to Nyle. Despite her concerns she felt safer and happier than she had in a long time. I don’t care, she thought to herself, I don’t care if this is only for a short while, only a way to cope with the horror of what’s happening. I have this now. The warrior mumbled in his sleep and wrapped one muscular arm around her, pulling her into his side. Valamine drifted off to sleep.

* * *

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