Saturday, 18 April 2015

Release Day! Valamine by Jane Stoker

It's release day!

BDP is very proud to release Valamine, the first book in the Lover's Rift series by new author, Jane Stoker. A fantasy romance series based in a magical world on the verge of being torn apart.

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$3.99 release special price

Valamine is a gifted healer, and her life studying with the herb witch, Elder-Sha Ameena, is peaceful. When her home is attacked and her elders slain, the fate of the land is thrust upon her with the dying breath of her mentor. Now she must leave everything she knows and journey to a far-off city to stop the forces of hell from overwhelming her world. But it isn't the daemons, hungry for her blood, making her nerves shatter and her heart pound like a tribesman’s drum, it's the two hundred and fifty pounds of lean, toned warrior sworn to keep her from harm.

Fighting is what Nyle lives for. He relishes the rush of battle, even with the odds against him and a horde of daemons bearing down on him. When he’s tasked with the latest mission, it is a seemingly simple one—protect the girl, save the world. Easy enough for a skilled warrior who prides himself on coolness under pressure. Something about the bold healer though is testing his restraint to beyond breaking, and he can’t keep his mind on the game. But if he fails and the daemons come, how can he face losing his bewitching Valamine?

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