Saturday, 20 September 2014

New release from L. J. LaBarthe . . .

Bottom Drawer Publications is happy to announce the release of Mythica, an erotic paranormal mm romance by L. J. LaBarthe. Now available for purchase from the BDP digital shop as well as other online booksellers for the release price of $5.99.

Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Flipkart,  Oyster, Scib'd, Google Play, and others stores will stock the book soon.

Mythica is also available in paperback for $14.99 here


Caiden Jones is part-selkie and lives an idyllic life by the sea in South Australia. He’s had his fair share of disappointments, like being kept out of the Navy due to his mythica status, but overall he’s got a pretty good life. Until he’s in the wrong place at the right time.

Cai steps in to subdue an out-of-control minotaur and in the process suffers a serious injury to his ribs. As Cai struggles to breathe, a gorgeous suit-clad sy’lph with mesmerising blue eyes races to his rescue. When it’s learned that the minotaur was poisoned, the sy’lph, Gray, makes it his personal mission to keep Cai and his family safe.

Cai has always harboured some resentment towards the sy’lph because of their easy acceptance into the community, so the attraction he feels for Gray takes him by surprise. But how can they find out what this might mean when the lives of Cai and his family are endangered by someone closer than they realise?


THE SUN WAS beginning to rise as Caiden ran down the sand and into the water. His daily, early morning swim was something that was purely self-indulgent—he did not have to swim each day to satisfy the half-selkie part of himself, but he loved to feel the caress of the ocean against his flesh and commune with the sea and life within her.

He continued to run until the water was too deep, and then he dived, swimming down towards the sandy bottom and darker depths, holding his breath as long as possible. Then he shot towards the surface like a bullet, erupting from the water in a great splash and sucking down lungfuls of air. He took another deep breath and dived down again. The undulating waves playfully tugging at him as he turned end over end, almost corkscrewing his way down into the aquamarine depths. The light of the rising sun dappled the surface of the sea above him and he darted between each beam of gold that dotted the turquoise, playing in the water and the light.

Dolphins swam up to join him, and he grabbed the dorsal fin of the nearest one, laughing when he surfaced and breathed in air again. The dolphin dragged him along through the water at a rapid rate, making him whoop with delight, a sound echoed by the raucous cries of the seagulls hovering overhead. Schools of fish swam below him, sometimes their silvery bodies brushed against his toes, and Caiden loved that too, the feeling of being so free, so connected to all the elements—water, air, light, earth. The dolphin that pulled him along through the water brought him close to shore, and Caiden felt the soggy roughness of sand beneath his feet. He let go of the dorsal fin, calling a thank you and goodbye to the dolphins as they swam on.

The sun was higher now, and Caiden sighed as he felt the euphoria and rush of freedom slowly drain away as the reality of his life came crashing down around him. He couldn’t stay here in the sea; he couldn’t spend the rest of the day lingering on the beach. He waded slowly out of the sea and towards the sand, stopping only to pick up the towel he had discarded on his run down to the water. He dried himself off as he walked, trudging glumly towards the road and landward, away from the siren song of the ocean, away from the peace, serenity, and completeness he felt there. He had things to do, places to be, and situations to deal with. And so, as he crossed the road and entered the yard of the house in which he lived, his early morning joy had completely evaporated, replaced with a stoic determination to do what he had to as quickly as possible. Get it done, he told himself, the quicker, the better.

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