Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cover Reveal - Moon over the Bay

Fans of Talk to the Moon, Morgan Emerson's first book in the New Adult "Moonlit Nights" series, will be happy to see Kyle's best friend, Nathan, and Sadie's best friend, Jess, taking center stage in Book 2: Moon over the Bay.


Nathan Wolfe is gorgeous, and your typical surfer guy with blond hair, blue eyes, and tanned muscle. Looks like that should help him chase his dream of becoming an actor, but he's had nothing but failed auditions for months. After confiding in his best friend that he's been feeling a little lost, Kyle invites him to San Francisco where he's been spending time with his girlfriend, Sadie. Nathan jumps at the chance in the hope that a change in scenery will lift his mood.

Jess Dempsey comes from a rich and influential family, and does have a liking for the finer things in life . . . like designer shoes and handbags. But she's not your typical heiress to a fortune-she prefers to put her art history degree to work. Much to her parent's dismay, Jess runs a successful business as an art agent, instead of taking her place in the family business. When her best friend, and most successful client, Sadie, asks a favour, Jess finds herself face to face with Nathan, and it's lust at first sight.

But Nathan won't be anyone's playboy, he's been there done that, and Jess has learned her lesson the hard way when it comes to pretty faces and their love of her wallet.

Release Date: May 31, 2014 on Amazon exclusively for 90 days
and then open release to all booksellers from August 30, 2014

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