Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bottom Drawer Publications' Anniversary!

Bottom Drawer Publications is turning one! 

Help us celebrate this wonderful event by joining us for giveaways, fantastic deals, and great prizes all this weekend.

There will be several ways to enter our rafflecopter competition to win:        

  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • COMMENT on a participating blog
  • TWEET out the rafflecopter competition

There are great prizes.

Watch out for giveaways and free downloads. We'll shout loudly on Facebook and Twitter when these things are happening.

Plus, this weekend only, all of our books have been discounted to 99c. To check out our catalogue click here.

Thanks to everyone for making this a wonderful first year and for helping to get BDP to where it is today. That means you: our readers, bloggers, authors, editors, and proofreaders. And what is even better is that we have an even more exciting year ahead with some wonderful new releases from authors both new and some who you've seen before—and all of them are something to look forward to.

Here's to the next twelve months!

Sam & Suz.


  1. Valentine's Day - yes I think its lots a lot of its romance there is so much commercialism surrounding that day now - its kind of sad

  2. I say any day that you choose to make romantic. Hubby and I had a huge fight on Valentine's Day early in our marriage, so we don't celebrate it anymore. But, instead we chose a day that was equally special to us both, December 7. I know it's Pearl Harbor day, but December 7 is the day the now hubby asked me to be his girlfriend.