Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Author Spotlight - A mini interview with T.D. Green

1) What was the inspiration behind your story within Second Chances anthology?

The theme itself, Second Chances, was the inspiration. I wanted to explore how a bad breakup could cause long term emotional damage and what it would take to re-earn someone's trust after years of hurt.

2) Why did you decide to submit to an M/M anthology? 

I've been writing M/M stories for a long time now--about a decade--so submitting to an M/M anthology was a no-brainer. :)

3) What is your guilty pleasure when reading? 

I can hardly get enough of fluffy M/M romances. I find writing fluff difficult, so it's like brain candy for me.

4) How do you visualise when planning (if you do any)?

I'm what you call a pantser, so I only start off with a vague idea or a bit of dialogue. I let the story shape itself around the characters as they come to life one interaction at a time. Most of any visualizations come in mental character conversations while I'm doing the dishes or folding laundry.

5) Tell me about any projects you are working on or have in the pipeline.

Currently, I'm working on the companion novel to my five star rated dark, gay novel, Fragile Bones. Another M/M romance short is nearly completed, and I'm also editing book two and starting on book three of my YA series under another name.

T.D.'s story "Non-Negotiable is included in our male/male romance anthology, Second Chances. A collection of short stories about finding love again.
To find out more about Second Chances, check out the book page here.


We''d like to thank Mich from Mich's Book Reviews for originally hosting this mini interview during the Second Chances blog tour.


 T.D. Green, the author of Fragile Bones, is as passionate about supporting the arts as she is about creating art. When she’s not wrangling words across the white space, she’s deeply immersed in painting. A proud Hoosier, T.D. currently resides in her beautiful home state of Indiana with her husband, three children, and a clutter of curiously devoted felines.

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