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Author Spotlight - L.J. Harris on women and male/male romance

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According to the Romance Writers of America, women make up ninety-one percent of romance book buyers. Considering that fact, and that the writers across all romance genres are predominantly straight women, it's of little surprise that hot, bare-chested studs are just as popular, if not more, than the bodice-ripped heroines on the covers of the more traditional romance novels.

After all, why should men be the only ones able to fantasise about two members of the opposite sex getting down and dirty?

The moment I read my first male/male story, I knew I was hooked, but not just because I loved reading about hard, lean bodies and broad shoulders, perfect abs and handsome faces. I’ve also come to discover that I find it fascinating to read about the unique set of challenges that are often faced by two same sex characters.

From the emotions that go along with realising one’s sexuality, to dealing with how relationships can change once a character comes out to family and friends, to facing discrimination both in one’s personal and/or working life, or even dealing with acts of violence just because of who one chooses to be with, all add a dimension to the story that you simply can’t find in male/female romance.

There’s also something refreshing about getting inside the male psyche…seeing a relationship develop from the male perspective. Though some would argue that because of the high number of male/male romance stories are written by women, predominantly for women, we aren’t getting inside men’s heads at all and are in fact getting a woman’s fantasy of how a man should think, I’d prefer to think of it in a different way.

When reading a story, no matter the genre, we all want to leave our everyday lives behind for just a moment, and immerse ourselves in a world filled with characters we can easily relate to and ultimately fall in love with.

It is, after all, the reason why we read romance in the first place, isn’t it?

L. J.  Harris


We'd like to thank Lauren from Live, Read and Breathe blog for hosting this blog post originally as part of the Second Chances anthology blog tour. 


L. J. Harris’s short story, “Heart of Glass” features in the Second Chances male/male anthology published by Bottom Drawer Publications in August 2012.

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L. J. Harris was born in Sydney, Australia and now lives in the nation's capital with her husband and twin teenage sons. She has only discovered her passion for writing in the past three years. Shy by nature, she discovered that after her father fell ill, writing down whatever she felt not only helped her deal with the situation but express herself in a way she couldn't before.

Working part-time afforded her the opportunity to explore her sudden drive to write, originally via fan fiction. With her husband's encouragement, she penned a dream sequence around which her novel-in-progress is built.

She loves building the sexual tension between characters and developing interesting plots twists, as well as leaving readers wanting more.

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