Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Book Release - The Country Singer

Bottom Drawer Publications today announces the release of its latest book, "The Country Singer," by Robyn Lee Burrows.

"The Country Singer" is a tale of a love that reaches out from one generation to the next, all played out in the vastness of the Australian wheat fields.  This offering falls within our drama  range and we recommend you have a box of tissues handy ...

It’s been years since Gemma visited the small country town where she grew up. She probably wouldn’t have returned at all if it wasn’t for her father’s passing.  Seeing the dusty old buildings and the run-down house again remind her of events in her childhood that she’s tried to keep in the past, even though they colour her every decision in the present.

Memories of strained silences and reproving looks overwhelm her, as do fragments of things her mother said to her father before she died that have haunted her forever, “Why didn’t you let me go?”
Discovering a music score as she cleans through her parent’s belongings, she learns about a love story so heartbreakingly beautiful that it changes her mind about love.
Meg’s Song

A moment, a fragment, split second of time.
A dead love, a lost love, a step out of rhyme.

We woke to the birdsong, a bright yellow dawn
That shone through our lives, when the dark night had gone …

This is the story of her mother, Meg, and the love of her lifethe country singer.

"The Country Singer" is available to purchase on our website  -  here
And also at these booksellers for immediate download:
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Bottom Drawer Publications
29 September, 2012 

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